Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pictures and videos and fun! (Oh my!)

Yep, I know, really lame Wizard of Oz referance.

Anyways....... here are some pictures of my time in Germany (Don't fret now, more will come later :] )

Okay, I'm going to edit this note and try once again. PICTURES EVERYONE! (I really hope this works.... If it doesn't, I will be very very sad and might just give up... We don't what that to happen now, do we?)

Most of these pictures are from the Rotex Weekend in Neherasiem. But some aren't. So. Just read the captions and that should help you figure out what's what.

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Ok, I got it to work! Yesss I know, I'm amazing! SPAIN, I seriously owe you one! Thank you! Anyways, this is me and another exchange student, Mitch, in this cave we visited. Pretty exciting, no?

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Okay, so this is me in the Steiff Musuem. Yes, dear friends, that is a foot on my shoulder. Why is said foot there? The world may never know...

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Sorry these pictures are so small. Maybe if you click on them, they get bigger? I don't actually know. Anyways. This was a really cool window. If you're laughing at me, let me just say this : IT WAS A REALLY COOL WINDOW, OK?

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Okay. Again, a picture of the Steiff Factory. These were some awesome Elephants.

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Isn't this the coolest cow ever?

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Here is the place we stayed for this AWESOME weekend. Isn't it pretty? I think so.

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This is me with a REALLY cool... thing... I don't know what it was, but it was sure cool! And German and Alvaro (SPAIN) are looking at me like I'm crazy :)

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This is me in an apparently world-famous church that I'd never heard of before! But it sure was amazing!

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This is me walking across a tightrope (with help from Brianna and Eric) later that night!

OKAY that was really difficult. Seriously. And by the way, I lied! These are all from the Rotex Weekend!

So, I'll probably upload more later. But for right now, this should satisfy you. Hope you enjoyed!

Bis sp├Ąter! Chow!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh my god, I have a blog!

I know it's a little late to set up a blog...

I did get here three weeks ago... but better late than never, as I like to say.... (I don't like the phrase "As they say" because honestly, I don't know who THEY are and I don't wanna be copying their sayings!)

Well, as you all know, my name is Nicole Walker and I'm from California. I've been here in Germany for almost 3 weeks now. Pretty awesome stuff, if I don't say so myself.

School here is next to impossible. I'm not even kidding. They might as well be teaching in Chinese... But everyday I understand a little bit more. I get real excited when I understand a sentance or a word in school, even if it doesn't matter at all, or I still have absolutly no idea what anyone's talking about. Doesn't matter to me! The good news is... My doodles are looking AWESOME! They went from literal doodles in the margins of my paper to being full-blown DESIGNS! I'm serious. I could probably put some of them on clothing, and people might actually buy it!

My host family is insanely nice, which is good, because I may not be switching for the year. I like them a lot, and I really feel at home in their house. Well, I guess it's my house too, now.

Last weekend, I met all the other exchange students. It's funny, almost all of us speak English, but NONE of us speak German :) Rotary Youth Exchange students have got to be the coolest people in the world. We all connected right away. Yep. We're pretty cool!

And this weekend, I went to Volksfest with Mariah, another exchange student (but she's in District 1930, and I'm in 1830) It was pretty exciting. German saftey standards on rides must not be as high as the ones in America. Which made them AWESOME!!!!

I also met my extended host family. That was pretty exciting.... They don't really speak English. But me and my host mom got into a pretty epic game of badmitten... It was awesome... and... I taught her how to play a fun AMERICAN card game. It was pretty cool.

Well, we learn something new every day, don't we? Today, I learned that I was allergic to German band-aids. Must be something they use in them that they don't use in America. But I had a little bitty blister on my foot. Guess what? Now it's a little bitty blister with a red, itchy, burning rash all around it. Hey, are you thinking of sending me a care package? If so, I would LOVE to get some band-aids! Just kidding, I'll ask my mommy for those. If you're gonna send me a care package, and you aren't my mommy, please send me something cooler than band-aids..... :)

Anyways... It's getting kind of late, and I'm pretty sleepy. For you people in California reading this, it's like one in the afternoon (in Germany, that would be 13 Uhr) but over here, it's like.... ten o'clock at night. Gotta get up at 6 AM tomorrow, so I should probably sleep some.

I'm so excited I have a blog! Check back for new updates and such... if you want to!

~ Nicole