Tuesday, March 30, 2010

cant wait for eurotour!!! woot woot!!!

3 weeks, 2 buses, 6 countries, 17 cities, and 46 exchange students? Sounds like a friggen GREAT TIME!!!

Life has been good lately. Well actually... I guess I'll just start from the beginning, and work my way towards the end.

Snow seems to be gone for good now, and it's warm but not warm enough for a California girl like me. It's the kind of weather that we have in the dead middle of winter. But anyways...

I don't actually even know where to begin! I am now official German Red Cross first aid certified! That's pretty exciting! And I can cook, I cooked a lovely meal for my host family just the other day! And I've taken a lot of tests. It's amazing when I think to myself that my German is now just as good as the other students, and I can now write the tests with them, just like if I were a normal student!!!

But I guess the biggest and most important thing that has happened to me recently is the Eurotour Rules weekend. This past weekend, district 1830 (my district) and district 1930 (the neighboring district) all met up together to talk about eurotour and how things are gonna go down on it. It was awesome. 46 exchange students, together, under one roof...

I can't think of anything cooler. Unfortunatly, one of us got sick and now I am not in school because I was very sick yesterday. It only lasted 24 hours, but still. Here I was, thinking I could go the WHOLEEE year without once getting sick...

No such luck :[ but it's okay, I've survived.

I have friends here and a family and a life, and I don't really want to go home anymore. At all. I can't imagine having to leave behind my life here. When I was coming to Germany, I always knew I'd be coming home, but now I don't know when I'll be coming back to Germany, and it is like a second home to me now.

I'm so excited for Eurotour. You guys have nooo idea... ahahaaa <>

Well, I have a lot to say, but due to my illness my head is rather fuzzy and therefor I don't quite know how I would like to say it all... also....

Ich sag jetzt tschüss, und hoffentlich schrieb ich ja bald wieder! Ciao


Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I hate snow. It was gone for about a week, and then it just HAD to come back!!!

Anyways... This past week has been really exciting! I've been doing a bunch of stuff! The school here has been easy, lately a lot of things have been cancelled. I found 2 pairs of jeans in Stuttgart for only 9€ when I went after school with my friends. It was awesome!

So other than the usual stuff I do every week, this weekend I went to Munich with the Rotary kids!!!

And yet another train adventure! I get to Stuttgart and we all meet up. Our supervisor counted us and realized he had one less ticket. Quickly telling Lukas (also Rotex) that he would be right back, and that he was just going to buy a ticket. Well, the train left without him. He had all of our train tickets. We were riding the train without tickets. LUCKILY, he called Lukas and we all got of the train and waited about an hour or so in Plochingen, only about 20 minutes from Stuttgart, until he got back with our tickets. Meanwhile, two other exchange students were suppoused to get on at other stops. In summary, one of them got on, not getting the call that we were not on said train, and had to pay 40€ for being a "Schwarzfahrer" or someone who rides without a ticket! We got there pretty late, and didn't get to go on our planned adventure, but it was by far a VERY interesting train ride. My friends now have a video of me falling out of a chair... and not being able to get up.... VERYYYY entertaining, if I don't say so myself xD AND I got to eat sushi! I was missing it sooo much, so I got some in the Ulm Hauptbahnhof. It wasn't NEARLYYY as good as in California, naturally, but I really was craving it, so...

So the first night, we got in too late, so all we did was get our rooms and go to bed/talk/be awesome. The next day, we woke up early. I deceided to take a shower. This was the most horrible shower I've ever been in. We stay always in Youth Hostels. This shower would start out normally. Then all the sudden it would get scalding burn-your-flesh-off hot. And stay that way for a few seconds. And then icy freeze-your-fingers-off cold. And so you'd have to adjust it. And it would be normal for about a minute and then the cycle would start all over again.

Then we did a scavenger hunt through Munich. Or should I say, we were SUPPOSED to do a scavenger hunt through Munich. We just copied the answers from another team, who got all the answers from the tourist center, and then walked through the city (through snow... lots and lots of snow. AND smart californian girl (me) just had her converse on...) and enjoyed the view and got Starbucks and were generally annoying toursits. It was awesome.

We then went to the Hofbräu Haus. It's a hella famous restaurant in Munich. I ate typically Weißwurst and a Bretzel and drank Weißbier (Alkoholfrei, of course) It was very traditional and also very cool.

Then we went and visited a concentration camp. I cannot even explain how creepy and sad and horrible it is to be there. I had this feeling the whole time. It was in between a creepy feeling, a sad feeling, and the feeling of just wanting to leave. It was a very cool thing to see, but I also believe its something you just need to see once or maybe twice in a lifetime.

And onto a lighter topic... After the concentration camp we chilled a little bit and then ate dinner. After dinner, we went to this Olympic Stadium in Munich and there is this tower where you can go up and see the ENTIRE CITY. It was soooo pretty at night with all the lights and everything. And there was this little mini Rock Museum which was very cool. I touched Elton John's mirrored piano! And we rocked out to Queen, The Beach Boys, and the Beatles while we looked at the city. It was an amazing night.

Then we went to the Hardrock Cafe Munich. It was awesomeeee, I bought a Hardrock Cafe Munich T-Shirt. Yes, that is correct, BE JEALOUS!!! And then we went back to the hostel. Where there was very much stress with the rooms. And keys. Good times, good times...

The next day, we ate breakfast and then travelled to the Deutsche Museum. It was very big, and very interesting. But we didn't have NEARLY enough time to see EVERYTHING, because it was so large. It was also like a maze, super easy to get lost in. But we (meaning Éric, Bryn, and I) saw everything that we wanted to, or at least I think we did. It was very entertaining.

And then we went home! It was a great weekend, but we got veryyyy little sleep, and let me tell you, if felt good to be back home and in my own bed again!!!

This week/weekend should also be very good! More details on that later!!!

Sven: Hallo! Ich schreib mit dir gerade auf Facebook. Wie geht's? Ich freue mich sehr auf Donnerstag! Und FREITAG!!!! ahahahaaaaaaaa xD Also..... wir sehen uns bald! viel spaß (gegen Spanisch lernen!)