Tuesday, June 1, 2010


WEELLLLL, technically I'm not home JUST YET! In fact, I'm writing this from a cafe in Paris!!! I just thought I'd check in and tell everyone how things are, since I haven't written in a pretty long time ♥

Well... Recently (I'm talking like, BEFORE Eurotour) I went on a weekend away with my choir. It was really cool we visited a castle and cool stuff like that. My voice was completely gone at the end though. I also went to the Mercedes Benz Muesem, which was really cool too. And the Stuttgart Zoo...

But now the stuff EVERYONE wants to know. EUROTOUR!!!

We started in Vienna. I really REALLY liked it there. But it bummed me out because we didn't have much free time, so I didn't have the opportunity to buy a t-shirt or anything :[ The city was hella badass though.

Umm... what else??? Prague!!!! We stayed in the MOST GHETTO HOSTEL EVERRR!!! There was like, a diseased shower (which I broke), horrible uncomfortable beds (which I also broke. With Morgan) and really bad food. The city, however, was amazingly awesome. Everyone loved it. The houses were cute, the people were nice, and yeah.

Dresden... now there's an interesting story. Basically, don't EVER try and get headache medication in the middle of East Germany without a presciption. It won't work. Advice taken? Good. But Dresden was a nice city and the churches were cool.

Weimar was lame. We saw some old dead german guy's house. It was sooo boring.

Berlin was soo cool. It has been my favorite city on Eurotour so far. Shopping in Berlin was awesome. The sites of the city were awesome. And so yeah I reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy liked Berlin.

Hamburg was really cool too. The city is built on a river, therefore it was super pretty and nice. We had a party with the Rotary people and I took a nice walk down to the pier. It was great.

Borkum was supposed to be an island beach thing in Holland. It turned out to be a mudpit. But it was cool and totally not romantic. I really liked it though, the whole day we had free time (it's a shame my picnick got rained out) but I FINALLY got to catch up on the sleep I had been missing ;]

Ok then came Brussels. That was awesome. I think it was my second favorite city. The Belguim chocolate was sooo good. And yeah it was amazing. I really liked it there and have a couple of stories I will write about next time.

And now here I am in Paris! It's completely amazing (although it's true it does smell funny) I was given a rose on the Eifel Tower and I saw the Mona Lisa. I walked down the Notre Dame and went shopping in the Champs Ellesey (spelling fail???). I visited the tomb of Napoleon and walked in Versailles, the setting of the French Revolutionary War. Yep. It was really cool. And you are really jealous.

Well there's a lot more to see and do here in Paris!!! Next stop, EUROPAPARK!!!!