Saturday, April 24, 2010


dear lovely blog leaders,

I would like to apologize for the lack of updates lately. I have been prettyyyy busy. But now I have once again time. So.

Happy super late Easter!!!!

For Easter this year, I went to my host grandma's house! We ate a ridiculous amount of food, and then 2 hours later, we were expected to eat a ridiculous amount of cake!!!! The whole family was there, it was a warm, beautiful day, and all in all it was very exciting!!!!

My host uncle is sooo funny. He's awesome, I want to be like him someday, I think. He walks around EVERYWHERE barefoot, even in winter. I like him.

Then my host parents were going out of town, so I stayed the week with my host grandma, since I'm not allowed to stay home alone with my host brother. At first I thought, GREATTTT my spring break will be spent with two old people. BORINGGG! But it totally wasn't!!! My two host cousins, Patrick and Tim, were also there. They are younger than me but it was still fun. We went swimming in this reallyyyy awesome schwimmbad (I don't know the word in English) which had like, 20 different pools with different attractions and tempuatures for different things, and it was so cool. There were also like, 10 different saunas and yeah I could have spent the ENTIRE day there.

Then we spent a night in this little cabin in the Black Forest, and went hiking, and I met my great host aunt that is 93 and still goes every year for 6 months to Alabama. I have a really awesome host family, basically.

Then I got home on Friday night, and on Sunday I visited the other half of my host family, from my mom's side. That was fun too. But my host grandpa (mom's dad) is now in the hospital, so yeah.... Pray for him, please.

Then I had school. Because I was sick, I had to write my maths test later. But I think I did pretty well. And I had to write a chemistry test. Which I totally didn't learn for. And failed. But I already took Chemistry, so it doesn't really matter for me.

Then last weekend, I went to Frühlingsfest. It's like Oktoberfest, but in Spring and in Stuttgart, and smaller (of course) It was really fun, I went on the biggest ferris wheel in all of Europe. And have I ever mentioned that I'm afraid of heights????

And Monday, the warm weather was still around!!! So I had a pinick with another exchange student, Hayley, and a couple of my school friends. It was awesome.

Yesterday I went out to the middle of nowhere, Germany, to chill with Tomas... AHAHAAAA it was seriously like, the middle of nowhere. There was a train station there, and that was like, it. But it was free for both of us to get there, because of our school cards (I have VVS, he has something else) so...

Anyways, today I'm going to stay at my friend's house in Schwäbisch Gmünd. It should be really awesome. We are going to go to a disco! And then tomorrow, it should still be a beautiful, warm (well, for Germany) spring day, so I think I'll do something outside with someone :]

I recently put pictures in facebook! Check them out, if you can!!!!