Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Deutschland ist einfach hamma!

I can promise you it will keep growing. But to start off:


1. The paper here. If it's not blank, it's graph paper (you know, just in case you want to break off from writing and design a mosiac or something!). Lined paper is impossible to find.

2. School is not simply the same thing day in and day out. Our hourplan changes every day. Some days we have school until 5 PM and some days just until noon. AND things get cancelled! Just like in college!

3. In the school here, they have hella retro blackboards. No joke. There are no whiteboards. We write with chalk on the blackboard. And have to clean it off and stuff. It's really retro.

4. Lunch here is always warm. And dinner is always cold. Normally lunch is the main big meal, and its warm and freshly made. Dinner, on the other hand, is normally just bread and cheese or lunch meat.

5. Public transportation. It's sooo much better here. Like, it actually exsists. I take the bus EVERYWHERE, and I almost had to miss school on the day of the public transportation strike. That's how influentual it is here. It makes one really independant, also. I cant go where Í want when I want.

6. You basically have to plan everything. There is no randomly calling people and saying, hey let's chill today. Plans are almost always made in advance. It really took me a long time to get used to this.

7. Everyone has pet bunnies. I don't know why, but almost nobody has cats or dogs.

8. EVERYTHING is closed on Sunday. Imagine if Safeway and the mall and the movies and EVERYTHING were closed Sundays in America. You can't, right? I know. It really tripped me out too. I didn't know what to do with myself!

9. Everyone is friendly! In America you don't talk to strangers, and the kids in the school are honestly pretty cliquey and stuck up a little bit. But here everyone is sooo nice.

10. The food's just THAT much better. Although I would KILL for a steak right now.....

11. Far away by German standards is 20 minutes with the car. Far away by American is 2-4 hours.....

12. Coins actually mean something, money-wise. I kept wondering where all my money was going. Then I looked over at the growing piles of 1 and 2 Euro (€) coins on my desk. And I realized.....

13. Tests are never multipule choice. There are no scantrons. And they are normally just 4 or 5 really long compliticated questions. So if you don't know that you're just screwed.

Okay well I should have probably written these down. And I'll definatly think of like, 12 more the MINUTE I publish this post. But whatever.

We are currently in Carnival. It's called Faschings here, and it is basically a party where everyone dresses up and witches chill on the street and make trouble and it's really awesome and fun! Look it up on the internet if you're interested!

I went to a Faschings parts, and a Guggenmusikfest. The Musikfest was super fun! I bought a cool Faschings hat! I took pictures and stuff. SOMEDAY I WILL UPLOAD THEM. That day is not today.

My class, class 10c, is currently doing a week-long internship, called BoGy. I can't do it, unfortunatly, so I'm in the 9th class fr the week. That's ok, they are pretty radical homies too, even if they are freshman by American standards, and I'm a junior.

Well next week is once again ferien and so I'm going up North with my friend Olivia (also known as my other half )

And since I probably won't update again before then....



  1. nicole....you can find lined paper at müller, look in the school supplies section, duh ;)

  2. hahahahahah everything here is soooo TRUE!
    the blackboard-chalk-cleaning sponge thing really annoys me!
    and I hate german Sundays!! hahahaha

  3. Ohhhh god...LET ME KNOW IF YOU FIND STEAK!!! XD

  4. i fogot about the fizzy water thing, you just cant get normal water! i dont mind sprudel, but still...